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Let’s build a business that works for YOU

Ever wanted to start a business, but no idea where to start or what to sell?  We are looking for partners.  You gain access to our state of the art product catalogs, knowledge, and simplified marketing to build your business.  Retro gaming and game room products are a multi-billion dollar industry.  Why not fast track to get your piece?  Pick the level you that is right for you.  From a side gig for extra income to a full time business.  We have all the tools to make you successful.

Our Approach

Our proven workflow

Let us put what we know to work for you.  For over 10 years we have been the premiere providers of full size arcade machines, virtual pinball, dart boards, Arcade1Up mod kits, and display cases.


You drive customers in person, through the web, or social media to our non branded website or have us build a custom site for you.


You work with the customer on customizing a product for them and a negotiate a price.  Place the order with us at your rate.


We can drop ship a completed product directly to the customer or you.  We can also deliver a ready to assemble kit to you to build and deliver or arrange customer pickup.


Have the Tools for Success

Standard Partnership

  • Catalog of products
  • Different sales models
  • Unlimited artwork choices
  • Access to design team
  • Access to unbranded sales site
  • Entrepreneur packs and quantity discounts
  • Priority processing and customer service portal

Premium Partnership

  • Branded and hosted website
  • Contact form and phone # on your site
  • Customized galleries and products
  • Branded banner ads

Financial Analysis

Most venders sell 2 player completed MAME Arcade Machines from $3k to $6k.  Our “Arcade Bundle” retails around $1500 that includes everything you need.  You can assemble in 1 to 2 hours.  If you can do IKEA then you can assemble these.

Average Arcade Price

Approx Bundle Price

Your Profit


Utilize our marketing site to hone in what exactly your customer would like.  Our artwork team can work with you to deliver the customized cabinet of their dreams.


Our typical kit turn around time fully customized for your customer is 2 business days.  This means you can get their unit produced and to them fast.


You have access to our customer support team.  Have a question, contact through our partner portal and get the assistance you need for your customers.

I got a kit and built a cabinet for myself.  I posted it on my Instagram and next thing I knew I had a side business.  

Linh Nguyen


Frequently Asked Questions

What is my investment?

Our standard tools are free.  You can invest in some cabinets to build and sell on the spot.  For no upfront investment, take customer deposits to cover costs and build on demand. 

What should I charge?

Look at marketplaces in your area.  Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc.  You will then get a good idea of running rates in your area.  It would be up to you to negotiate prices with customers to meet your margin goals.

How would I take payment?

Cash, Cash apps such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc.  You can also work with companies like Square to add a free credit card reader to your mobile device.

I do not have background in retrogaming. Can I do this?

Our kits come fully wired and ready to assemble.  If you can do IKEA you can do these.  Everything from artwork, tmolding, and components are pre-installed.  We can also drop ship fully assembled units.  In short, it is about the prospecting work you put in to find your customers.  We handle the rest.

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